Those long, dark, rainy days are almost here. Here’s a list of 7 easy things to do to get your house ready for the winter weather ahead.

1. Clear gutters and drainpipes

Clear your gutters and drainpipes of leaves and rubbish. If these are blocked they could cause water damage to your brickwork and interiors. Consider buying a leaf guard to prevent any debris from getting settled.

2. Prune overhanging trees and shrubs

Overhanging branches can bring down power lines or cause significant damage to your roof in a storm. Organise for a professional tree lopper to take care of any branches that could cause problems over the course of winter.

3. Fix any broken roof tiles

Water can enter your roof space if you have broken, cracked or missing roof tiles. Do a quick check and organise to repair or replace any tiles that need fixing.

4. Check your smoke detectors

Smoke alarms should be checked and cleaned at least once a year. Test that your alarm is in working order (generally this is done by pressing the “test” button), vacuum any dust from the smoke alarm vents and replace the batteries if you haven’t done so in the last year.

5. Check your heater

Clear dust from your heater and make sure it’s sitting at least one metre away from any flammable objects like furniture, curtains and toys.

6. Put together an Emergency Kit

There’s nothing worse than fumbling around in the dark for supplies during a blackout. Put together a simple kit that contains all the basics and keep it in a spot that is easy to get to.

Include things like:

7. Check over your insurance policy

Have a quick read through your insurance policy and make sure your policy coverage is sufficient. If you’re not sure what you’re covered for, get in touch with your insurance company today.

Is your home ready for winter? Do you have any winterising tips we can add to our list?

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