When you subdivide a property – whether that’s a battleaxe block or a large subdivision – you’ll need to lodge an application for new titles with Landgate. Until the titles are issued, any contract to sell the new properties will remain conditional.

Our team of experienced conveyancers can apply for your new titles quickly and efficiently. First, we’ll contact you to ensure we understand your unique circumstances. Then, we’ll:

  • Prepare the application for new titles,
  • Prepare a disposition notice (Form 22),
  • if needed, to ensure the titles issue in the right people’s names, and
  • Lodge the documentation directly with Landgate.
  • When you work with Residential Settlements, all initial documentation will be completed within 48 hours. We’ll be ready to complete the application as soon as all documentation is signed. If your surveyor is using LotSync, we can work with them to complete the title applications under this method.
  • To get a quote for your subdivision project, just give us a call on 08 9459 0044.

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