Related Party Transfers

When you buy a property from, or sell/give a property to, a related party (such as a family member), you may wish to complete a Related Party Transfer rather than a regular settlement.

Related Party Transfers are a cheaper way to transfer a property without doing a full settlement, and can also be used to remove a related party from the Certificate of Title.

Our team of experienced conveyancers can complete a Related Party Transfer carefully and efficiently. First, we’ll interview all parties involved to ensure we understand your unique circumstances. Then, we’ll:

  • Conduct the relevant title searches,
  • Prepare the Transfer of Land and other required documentation,
  • Have the Transfer stamped by the Office of State Revenue,
  • Advise government authorities of the transfer, and
  • Lodge the documentation directly with Landgate – or if you have a mortgage on the property,
  • we’ll attend settlement with your bank.
  • When you work with Residential Settlements, all initial documentation will be completed within 48 hours. We’ll be ready to complete the transfer as soon as all documentation is signed, and your bank is ready to settle (if applicable).
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