Transferring A Property Title To Family Member

Transferring A Property Title To A Family Member

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Do you get sleepless nights thinking of a long, complicated process for transferring property to your family members?
Have you been putting off an overdue family property transfer?
Or were you quoted a ridiculously high service fee by a family lawyer for the transfer?
Over the past 35 years, Residential Settlements has evolved into one of the most trusted and sought-after settlement agencies in Western Australia. Our vastly experienced team has facilitated thousands of successful property transfers for families in and around Perth.
We want yours to be one of them.

This Is How Our Top-Rated Settlement Agency Will Facilitate A Stress-Free Family Transfer

Onboarding Interviews

We’ll kick-start the transfer process by setting the expectations right from day one. Our team will conduct an individual onboarding interview with every family member/stakeholder to let them know of their rights and the transfer process. This eliminates confusion and sets the foundation for a smooth, transparent transfer where everyone’s happy.

Stamp Duty Assessment

We will have the transaction assessed for duty by the Office of State Revenue.

Identity Verification & Rate Adjustment

We’ll get the transfer ball rolling by immediately completing the identity verification of everyone involved.

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There are plenty of instances where engaging Residential Settlements will serve you well. We can assist you in the following property transfer cases:

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