Dianne Seear

We’re pleased to welcome Dianne Seear as our new Licensee!

Dianne started on Tuesday and is already working hard to make Residential Settlements an even more enjoyable place to work and do business with.

Dianne has been working in real estate since she was 18. Starting as a Property Management Assistant, she has since been Sales Administrator/Assistant at a real estate agency in Rossmoyne and a Licensed Conveyancer in the Perth CBD. Her extensive experience not only in conveyancing, but in other real estate roles, makes her well suited to understanding the ins and outs of property settlements.

Dianne’s vision for the future of Residential Settlements is two-fold:

  • First, she plans to streamline the settlement process to make it as fast and efficient as possible – a benefit to both employees and clients.
  • Secondly, she wants Residential Settlements to be a fun environment. In Dianne’s eyes, trust and teamwork reduce stress and increase efficiency.

We’re all excited about the future, and are looking forward to working with Dianne to achieve it!