Residential Settlements

At Residential Settlements we have systems in place to protect your interests.

Our computer system and staff track everything that is relevant to your settlement, from the time to lodge your contract, when the rates need to be adjusted, the calculation of your fees and stamp duties. If there are any changes in the State government rates or other relevant agencies during the time of your settlement you will be kept informed of these adjustments.

Once a settlement has been finalised, within 4 – 6 weeks we do a fresh search to ensure the property has actually been transferred into the new registered proprietors’ name with the Land Titles Office.

We are not allowed to hold funds in our trust account after settlement is effected. We must disburse your funds as per your instructions in a timely manner. We have Conveyancers who are allocated to your particular property and interests.

From time to time one of our staff will be on holidays or unwell, (let’s face it, they do have to take time out just like everyone else!) Someone in our office is allocated the responsibility to follow up on your file and ensure your interests are addressed.

You should always feel peace of mind in knowing that even if your Conveyancer is not physically at the office someone else is looking after you. Here at Residential Settlements we work as a team.

As settlements will often have last minute adjustments our mornings up to 11am are hectic, and our staff will help each other out if one staff member has more than their work load to address at our busiest time to ensure your settlement runs smoothly and on time.