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There’s Nothing More Painful Than Having Your Sale Fall Through Because Of A Failed Settlement.


There’s Nothing More Painful Than Having Your Sale Fall Through Because Of A Failed Settlement.

You’ve worked hard to get the listing. You’ve stood at home opens for weeks on end without a result.

But at last, you’ve made a sale.

All that stands between you and your commission is a finance approval and the settlement paperwork.

Real estate agents often lose their hard-earned commission and a potentially loyal future client because the settlement agency didn’t do its job properly.

That won’t be the case once you join our Referral Partner Programme.

With over 25,000 successful settlements, Residential Settlements has evolved into one of the most experienced, trusted and sought-after property settlement agencies in Western Australia.

Rest assured, every single client of yours will be treated honestly and with respect throughout the settlement process.

As the Managing Director, I stand by every single property settlement we complete.

I look forward to helping you win more business.

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Here’s How We’ll Help You Drive Tangible Results.

With over 35 years in the market and a long list of delighted clients, Residential Settlements is one of the best property settlement agencies in Perth and Western Australia. That alone is a reason strong enough to join our Flagship Referral Partner Programme.
Here are some more compelling reasons to make your decision even easier!

A Dedicated Conveyancer For Your Clients

Once you join our network, all your clients will be cared for by a single dedicated conveyancer. You’ll have their direct line, their email address, and a single point of contact for every one of your clients. Our conveyancer becomes part of your team.

Same Day Commissions

You’ve been waiting for your commission for weeks. Don’t wait a day longer! We’ll EFT your commission on the day of settlement so you don’t have to wait a moment longer!

Same Day Turnaround

When you send us a contract we’ll be in touch with your client within hours, not days. In fact, many of our clients have their initial documentation in their inbox ready for signing within an hour of us receiving the contract. That means faster responses and less delayed settlements.

More referral business

We make it our priority to make your clients happy. That means fewer delays, smoother settlements, and less conflict. All of that adds up to happier clients and more referrals for you.

SMS & Email Alerts

You’ll NEVER have to wonder what’s happening with your clients. We’ll keep you informed throughout the transaction. Whether it’s finance approval or a booked settlement you’ll know exactly what’s happening in real-time. Moreover, we’ll email you reminders about upcoming events so that you don’t let the details fall through the cracks.

No hidden fees

What we quote your clients is what they’ll pay. No more. And in the unlikely event that their settlement does involve a significant amount of additional work we’ll provide them with a cost estimate for that additional work before we start. It will be their choice if they wish to proceed beyond that point.

Fair Price Guarantee

When your clients walk through our doors, they will get nothing but sound settlement advice that will make the entire process transparent and simple. And while doing so we’ll charge no more than a fair service charge. You’ll never hear a client complain that you sent them to someone who ripped them off! And that means your clients will respect your opinion and trust your word. They’ll see you as a trusted ally rather than just another agent.

People who understand

Our business is run by highly experienced and passionate real estate professionals driven to achieve excellence. Most of us started in real estate right out of high school. Some of us have run our own real estate or settlement agencies. Put simply, we understand what you’re going through and we can help you make the most of your opportunities.


We’re so confident in our team and their work that we guarantee your client’s settlement will be on time or we’ll work for free. No hassle, no questions asked.

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