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If you’re ready to pack it’s a good idea to get yourself organised early. Here are a few tips courtesy of Australia Post’s Moving Services.
Essential packing materials:

  • Thick, sturdy cartons of various sizes
  • Wardrobe cartons for your clothes
  • Good quality packing tape – don’t skimp on this item
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker
  • Bubblewrap, tissue paper, newspaper, polystyrene foam

Many of these smaller packing items can be purchased from Australia Post outlets. Check out our Services Directory for help with larger packing essentials.
Packing Plan

  • Start packing early and pack one room at a time
  • Make up an inventory or list of all cartons and their contents
  • Place cushioning at the base of each carton – pillows, blankets and towels are great for this purpose
  • Wrap and pack each item individually
  • Pack heavier items in small cartons or at the bottom of larger cartons and mark cartons as Heavy or Fragile if necessary
  • Label each carton on the top and sides with its contents and the room into which it is going
  • Use plenty of packing tape
  • Remember, essential items you want immediate access to should be the last boxes loaded into the removal van

Packing ideas

  • Need lots of smaller-sized cardboard boxes? Ask the manager of your local bottle shop or supermarket
  • Consider using plastic storage tubs instead of cardboard boxes. They are often inexpensive and available in a variety of sizes. These storage tubs are sturdy, stackable and if they have a lid are waterproof, so they are useful even after the move.
  • Hire a hand-cart or trolley for moving heavy items. They’re not expensive and they not only save lots of time but can also prevent injuries
  • Wear some heavy gardening gloves to help protect your hands when handling heavy items
  • Use old blankets or sheets to cover and protect your furniture
  • If you disassemble any furniture, place any fasteners in a sealable, labelled bag and tape or tie it to the item
  • Remove the plate from your microwave and tape the door shut
  • Pack sharp tools with plenty of padding taped around them and make sure the box is clearly labelled to prevent injury when unpacking
  • Clear a room preferably close to the exit and use it for all packed boxes leading up to the move. This will help you see what you still have to pack, help you calculate the size of vehicle you will need for the move and on move day it will be quicker and easier to remove the cartons from the house.

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