Settle on Time Guarantee

Settle on Time Guarantee

Our ‘Settle on time’ guarantee
– how it works

You may have seen our service guarantee mentioned on our website. But what
exactly does it involve? Here we provide you with everything you need to know.

Why provide a guarantee?

We believe that settlements should always be completed on time. It’s good for you, and good for us, resulting in a positive experience for everyone.

With over 30 years of experience providing settlements in Western Australia, we are confident in our abilities to settle on time. But we want you to be confident too, and that’s why we make this guarantee to all of our customers.

Do other conveyancers provide a guarantee?

No. As far as we know, in Western Australia we are the only conveyancers to provide one.

How does it work?

It’s simple – if your settlement does not settle on the date or within the grace period, we guarantee that we will not charge you our Professional Service Fee.

That’s it!

What’s the catch?

No catch! If we don’t get your settlement through on time, we will not charge you our Professional Service Fee.

Won’t you charge anything?

While we won’t charge our Professional Service Fee, there are a few unavoidable costs like government and statutory charges that we will need to charge, and these are all explained clearly in our Terms & Conditions.

When does it not apply?

The only situation when we will not apply the guarantee is should you breach our terms and conditions (you will find these in the engagement letter that we send at the start of the process).

For example, this could happen if you deliberately delay the settlement or you don’t get the signed documents back to us on time.

On top of that, the guarantee will also not apply if the delay is the fault of your bank or if it was due to forces out of our control (like a major power outage, flood, etc).