Most people know that pool fencing is required around pools and spas. But pools themselves must also be council approved.

A recent settlement case has highlighted that, when it comes time for settlement, an unapproved pool can cause headaches.

During the settlement process, the buyer and seller became aware that the backyard pool was not approved. Years ago when the owner sought approval to build the pool, the council told them to speak to the Water Corporation. When the Water Corporation gave them the all-clear, the owner installed a concrete pool – not realising that they still needed approval from the council.

After discovering that the pool was not approved, the buyer refused to settle until the council approved it.

Obtaining the approval took time and required an engineer’s report, costing around $500. In addition, the council needed to inspect the pool fence.

The result was a week-long delay.

To avoid a situation such as this, ensure that any pool or spa on the property is council approved as soon as possible. By addressing the issue promptly, you can help to ensure a smooth and timely settlement.

Image by Out.of.Focus via Flickr.

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