Great agents know that repeat and referral business is the best business you can get. It’s more profitable, it’s heaps more fun and it’s the ultimate competitive weapon.

But after months of appraisals, home opens and late evening negotiations it can be tempting for an agent to relax once finance has been approved and settlement begins in earnest. Don’t give in to temptation.

The best agents know that the period between finance approval and settlement is often the most stressful for a client. As a result they wind up their communication, increase their levels of customer service and go all out to make the last 21 days of settlement a great experience for their clients.

Here are some tips from agents who consistently enjoy a steady stream of repeat and referral business.

These are just a few of the many tips from top performing agents. Add your tip in the comments section below.

Image by Victor1558 via Flickr.

About the Author

Peter Fletcher

Peter began his real estate career in 1985 selling tin shacks and red dirt in Kalgoorlie. Moving to Perth in 1989 he quickly moved into agency ownership. By 2006, Peter had built a thriving agency managing over 600 rental properties. He then sold the business, taking time out of the industry to complete Honours in a Bachelor of Arts. Peter is now the Managing Director of Residential Settlements in Burswood and an active Army reservist. Peter has had just one hot shower since the 10th of May 2008.