Peter Taliangis

How Social Media Benefits Real Estate Agents [Ask an Expert]

As we’ve discovered in previous Ask an Expert interviews, online marketing is becoming a key way for real estate agents to gain credibility and prominence with prospective clients and fellow agents.

This week, we’re getting a real estate agent’s perspective on the subject.

Peter Taliangis is a Perth real estate consultant with over 20 years of sales experience. Having begun using social media in earnest over the last 1-3 years, he’s now a prolific Twitter user and has a wide professional network on LinkedIn.

Below, he reveals his thoughts on online marketing, including which social media sites he find most useful.

Q. Why is online marketing important for people in real estate?

It is important if you want to connect with people.

People are using online to connect, to buy and to research.

Q. In your experience, what are the 3 most important social media sites out there?

  1. Facebook – for one reason only: the number of people that use it and how much they use it
  2. Linkedin – for business conversation and connection
  3. Twitter – for increasing  your brand

Q. Particularly, what are the key ways real estate agents can benefit from using LinkedIn?

  • Connecting with people
  • Growing your personal brand
  • The ability to bring more people in touch with you

Q. What benefit have you personally found in using LinkedIn (as opposed to other sites, like Twitter)?

On Linkedin you know you are dealing with professional people and you can determine who you are connected to. Twitter you can control who you are connected to but the people that follow you can come from anywhere.

Q. What are your 2 top tips for other real estate agents who want to begin using social media to promote themselves?

  1. Get online – create and maintain a presence – update regularly
  2. Be professional, positive and share

Thanks Peter. You can get in touch with Peter on his website and his LinkedIn account – or give him a call on 9313 9100 or 0431 417 345.