The home maintenance schedule every home owner should follow

Owning a property is a huge financial responsibility with a host of recurrent costs that come along with ownership. But you can minimise unnecessary costs and stresses with regular maintenance and a bit of DIY.

Of course, maintaining a home takes time and effort. That’s why we’ve put together this schedule – to make it as easy as possible. Keeping things clean and functional is a far cheaper option than having to replace them, or worse, having them become a safety risk.

To start with, let’s take a look at the jobs that need to be done regularly.



When it comes to the annual jobs, we find it handy to use a checklist for each season.


If there’s one activity inextricably linked with spring, it’s the spring clean!

As the weather starts to get warmer, it’s time to get ready for summer! Make sure your cooling systems are ready to go, and take steps to make sure insects don’t take advantage of the warmth.

Now’s also the time to make sure you’re prepared for all the fun stuff that comes with summer! Repaint the stumps on the fence in the backyard, restring the tennis racquets, and clean the barbie.


While the weather’s good, take care of all the little jobs that need to be done in the yard and on the exterior of your home.

At the height of the Australian summer is the Australian Christmas. Don’t forget to show all your friends how much you love them with Christmas cards.


DFES promotes April Fool’s Day as the time to replace your smoke alarm batteries.

But don’t stop there –step up the safety and security right through your home.

Now’s also the time to make sure your heating system is ready for winter.

It won’t be long before the cold weather sets in, so stock up for those days you just don’t want to leave the house! Get some crafting or cooking supplies to get creative with the kids, or take a day to find a haul of books and DVDs to get you through those rainy nights.


Autumn is such a beautiful time in Australia – but there’s no denying that all those autumn leaves can start to seem like a real pain come winter! Time to clean out the debris and make sure you don’t encounter any problems with water leakage or damage to your home in winter.

And as long as you’re stuck in the house on those rainy days, take the opportunity to give the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry a proper once-over.

If there’s one thing Australians love to do, it’s travel! What better way to beat the winter blues than to start planning your next holiday.

About the Author

Peter Fletcher

Peter began his real estate career in 1985 selling tin shacks and red dirt in Kalgoorlie. Moving to Perth in 1989 he quickly moved into agency ownership. By 2006, Peter had built a thriving agency managing over 600 rental properties. He then sold the business, taking time out of the industry to complete Honours in a Bachelor of Arts. Peter is now the Managing Director of Residential Settlements in Burswood and an active Army reservist. Peter has had just one hot shower since the 10th of May 2008.