Residential Settlements

Sloppy Contract Almost Leads to Transfer of the Wrong Property

How the lack of title particulars on an offer almost led to costly and embarrassing delays in settlement. In a recent settlement, lack of title particulars (added information that helps identify a property) on the Offer and Acceptance (or O&A) almost led to transfer of the wrong property! Our client, the buyer, was purchasing a …


A map showing the difference between Edinburgh and London

How overseas sellers are impacted by identity checks

A fiasco during a recent settlement has revealed some major considerations for dealing with new identity checks. Since the infamous Nigerian property scams in 2010 and 2011, extra measures to check the identity of sellers have been put in place by Landgate – including the requirement to present 100 points of identification (update: As of …


A Certificate of Title

Near miss highlights the importance of searching ALL easements

A recent transaction has highlighted the importance of searching and examining encumbrances, especially easements. In the sale of a family home, an easement – one of two noted on the title – went unnoticed by the buyers’ real estate agent, leading to all kinds of unnecessary stress for both the buyers and the seller. Easements, …