Are All Structures Council Approved?

It’s a key question asked of all sellers when an agent lists their property for sale and by most buyers when purchasing a home. And with the growing number of horror stories in the public domain of unsuspecting buyers being caught out with homes containing non-council approved structures on their hands, buyers can be understandably […]
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Verification of Identity (VOI) Requirements – Don’t leave it to the last minute.

Within Australia, the stringent requirements surrounding a seller’s Verification of Identity (VOI) makes early preparation and collation of the necessary documents key factors to ensure a smooth settlement process and avoid delays. An archive case demonstrates both the critical nature of early preparation and the importance of having all of the relevant identification documents close […]
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FIRB – What you need to know

When a foreign non-resident or temporary resident buys property in Australia, a special condition needs to be included in the Offer and Acceptance to prevent problems down the track. Almost all residential purchases entered into by a person who is not ordinarily a resident in Australia (known as a ‘foreign person’), or by a temporary […]
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