Why it’s important to pay your deposit on time

A recent call to our office has highlighted the importance to the buyer of paying their deposit on time. In this case, the buyer had made an unconditional offer on a property but, after the offer was accepted, they discovered they would be liable to pay around $25,000 in transfer duty. The buyer panicked. “Do […]
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Ready, Set, Go – Being Ready For Buyers’ Inspections

Once the all-important Offer and Acceptance is signed, it’s vital for Sellers to be made aware of their corresponding rights and responsibilities during the settlement process. This is particularly true when it comes to Buyers’ Inspections, as one couple selling their home discovered when a dispute arose over the buyers’ insistence on conducting a second […]
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Are All Structures Council Approved?

It’s a key question asked of all sellers when an agent lists their property for sale and by most buyers when purchasing a home. And with the growing number of horror stories in the public domain of unsuspecting buyers being caught out with homes containing non-council approved structures on their hands, buyers can be understandably […]
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Verification of Identity (VOI) Requirements – Don’t leave it to the last minute.

Within Australia, the stringent requirements surrounding a seller’s Verification of Identity (VOI) makes early preparation and collation of the necessary documents key factors to ensure a smooth settlement process and avoid delays. An archive case demonstrates both the critical nature of early preparation and the importance of having all of the relevant identification documents close […]
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Discharging a Mortgage – A quick how to guide

When a seller lists their property for sale with an agent, there are a number of key steps they must take before they sign an Offer and Acceptance. However we find that, amidst the excitement and flurry of activity involved in the sale of a property, it’s easy for sellers to overlook one vital and […]
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FIRB – What you need to know

When a foreign non-resident or temporary resident buys property in Australia, a special condition needs to be included in the Offer and Acceptance to prevent problems down the track. Almost all residential purchases entered into by a person who is not ordinarily a resident in Australia (known as a ‘foreign person’), or by a temporary […]
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