Unapproved additions can lead to disaster

3 Things You Need To Know About Illegal Building

When you’re buying a property, be aware of illegal building – ie. illegal additions or modifications to a property. They could cost you lots of money and stress! With around 30% of buildings inspected by Archicentre architects having some kind of illegal additions, illegal building is a common risk for home buyers. During the life …


Facebook likes are just the beginning.

3 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Business on Facebook

With the average Australian spending over 5 hours on Facebook every month, Facebook is a powerful way for people in real estate to meet prospective clients. The real estate agents who get the most out of their Facebook business pages tend to be the ones who:     make their details readily available,     showcase their …


Rose cottage, by UGArdner

How Foresight and Smart Contracts Can Prevent Homeless Clients

The complications involved with ‘subject sales’ need to be anticipated before writing up the Offer and Acceptance. A subject sale case occurs when a client is looking to buy a house, but needs to sell their existing house in order to do so. Unsurprisingly, these cases are fairly common as many people looking to move …


Agent and client exchange keys

How to Develop a Reputation for Awesome Customer Service in Just 21 Days

Great agents know that repeat and referral business is the best business you can get. It’s more profitable, it’s heaps more fun and it’s the ultimate competitive weapon. But after months of appraisals, home opens and late evening negotiations it can be tempting for an agent to relax once finance has been approved and settlement …


The Offer and Acceptance form

3 Essential Things Buyers Forget to Include on the Offer and Acceptance

When buyers make an offer on a property, they must fill out an Offer and Acceptance form. The O&A determines all the specifics of the sale – the sale price, the parties involved, and any special conditions – so it’s important to get it right. But not everyone does, and when a vital detail is …


Piggy Bank

Case Study: Buyer Refinance Causes Expensive Delays In Settlement

Agents can help avoid expensive delays in settlement by clarifying the intentions of their buyers in relation to finance prior to submitting an offer to the seller. During the course of a recent settlement, the buyers decided to shop around for the best finance deal as part of the finance approval process. After finding out …