White Ants: Don't Let These Little Pests Ruin a Deal

White Ants: Don’t Let These Little Pests Ruin a Deal

Sometimes it’s the little things that cause the biggest headaches during settlement. This was certainly the case for one unsuspecting seller when a dispute arose between himself and the buyer after the discovery of live termites in a tree stump. In this instance, Mr Jones (not his real name) accepted an offer that was subject …


An old house requiring repairs

How rookie advice about a structural inspection almost cost a buyer thousands

A recent settlement case has highlighted the need for agents to understand the implications of ‘structural inspection clauses’, particularly, what it addresses and what it doesn’t.   This was clearly demonstrated when a rookie agent incorrectly advised a buyer that some maintenance issues at a property would be covered by a structural inspection clause, potentially …


Some title insurance premiums

Why Title Insurance Might Save You Thousands

Buying a home is a risk. Unapproved alterations, fraud, planning defects, the registration gap and mistakes from the Council all threaten a new home-owner. These risks can’t always be negated during settlement. Title insurance is a new type of property insurance available to buyers and home owners which protects your ownership and use of the …