Joe Mucci

Starting his career in real estate when he was just 19, principal/director Joe Mucci knows first-hand what the real estate industry is like for a young person. Joe lives and works in the Victoria Park area, where he sells homes, cycles the cafe strip, and frequents the local cafes and restaurants. Joe joined Jay Wood as director of in 2006 at just 21, and has been working there ever since.

I recently contacted Joe to discuss the secrets to his fast ascent in real estate as a young person.

Q: Joe, what character traits do you believe are required to succeed in this industry?

To succeed, you need:

Passion. Customers can see straight through those agents that are looking at the dollar figure. You have to care about the people, not the money.

Persistence. Never give up, every “NO” you hear makes you one “NO” closer to a “YES”.

Focus. Focus on the 1% (the little tasks); those things that make you different from the other agents. Relationship is probably the most important. People knowing who you are and what you stand for and you the agent knowing who your customers are.

Fortitude. This industry is not for the faint hearted and you will get left behind if you’re not determined. But it is very rewarding if you care about what you are doing and you can have fun!

Q: What challenges does a young person face in the real estate industry today?

Local knowledge, confidence in what they are talking about, and being able to use an example or give case studies of what they have done in the past are some of the big challenges.

But there are definitely advantages to being a young person, too. My drive and energy towards people and their property will always exceed other more “older” agents. I also think the younger real estate agents have the upper hand when it comes to technology and being brought up around computers and social media.

Q: We want to hear about your driving ambitions. Did you have any career goals when you first began in real estate, and what goals do you have now?

My career goal was to have a career. I wanted to be a young successful person that could have freedom and choice! My goal now is to grow my business, increase my team and possibly purchase a rent roll.

Q: What is the one most important piece of advice that you would give a young person entering the real estate industry?

I guess people selling their most valued asset will always look at entrusting the most capable agent, so talking about what your agency has done and refer to your experience/agency experience as the same thing. “We have sold two homes in this street this month”, and “We are listing the home next door” are better ways to include yourself in examples, giving you more credibility. Listen to what your senior agents are telling you. You have no experience, they do, and you can change their strategies once you have some tools in your tool box!

You can learn more about Joe on his profile page, or by following him on Facebook or Twitter.

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