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Our culture is defined by our people. We love working with people who aspire to give their very best, and we respect and welcome taking the initiative both personally and professionally. We value independent decision-making, and everyone on our team is responsible for upholding our values of transparency and openness. We value all opinions, no matter who is giving them, and we treat everyone with respect no matter what their backgrounds or beliefs. Most importantly, we are always searching for ways to improve because by striving to be better each day, we ensure our customers always get the very best.

Your safety is our priority

Security can never be taken lightly when dealing with properties – and we take our security measures seriously. For a start, our office is protected with multiple alarm systems. Our computer systems are also protected with the highest security password management software and enterprise virus and malware protection. We also use two-factor authentication as well as an encryption device to authenticate our connection with the bank. And, as you would expect, we only hire people following multiple references and the strictest security checks. With these measures and more, we guarantee the highest level of security for your complete peace of mind.

Your safety is Our Priority

We keep it simple

Despite all the work that goes into a successful settlement and the extensive security measures we take, we ensure the process is simple and seamless for our customers. We are here by your side, directing you through the process one step at a time from start to finish. If a complex situation arises during the settlement process, we will tell you exactly what you need to do to settle on time so you can be sure you never pay for advice you don’t need. We’ll also send you timely reminders to keep everything on track. We will guide you the whole way from signing the contract to settling, ensuring you always know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it.

We keep it Simple

A transparent process

We believe that you should never be kept in the dark at any stage, so we put a strong focus on openness and transparency throughout the settlement process. We also welcome your questions at any stage of the process, whether you’re considering getting a quote or the settlement is nearing completion. If a situation arises that you are unsure about, we’re there to enlighten you so there is never any ambiguity. We also make sure we don’t have any hidden fees so you always know exactly what you are paying for.

Residential Settlements Team

Our Team

Franca Jankowski

Franca Jankowski

Licensed Senior Conveyancer

Residential Settlements

Sara Hayes

Assistant Conveyancer

Tabatha Taylor

Tabatha Taylor


Wayne Ellen

Wayne Ellen

Operations & Marketing Manager

Peter Fletcher

Peter Fletcher

Managing Director/ Licensee

25,000+ settlements completed


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