How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit from Pinterest

Online image-sharing service Pinterest has exploded in popularity lately. Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has reached 10 million monthly US visitors faster than any independent site in history, and it has more than 10.4 million registered users.

Equally as impressive, Pinterest is generating more referral traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined. In other words, Pinterest is emerging as a powerful way to drive traffic to websites – including yours.

What is Pinterest, anyway?

Pinterest is a fairly new social network that allows users to share interesting things by ‘pinning’ an image to one of their virtual Pinterest ‘boards’. Click the image, and it leads back to the website that image came from (users can also upload their own images).

A Pinterest pin

A pin

Users can see what others are sharing by searching for pins or by following other users – with a choice to follow every pin by that user, or just a particular board. The result is a varied and global community of users sharing, liking, and repinning each other’s content.

Our boards

Pinterest users are mostly women at the moment, but the user base is expanding and I’ve seen plenty of males using the site. Together, ResSetts’ clerk Paige and myself have been experimenting with what you can do on Pinterest.

How Real Estate Agents can use Pinterest

The image-based nature of Pinterest offers the perfect environment for people in real estate to share beautiful homes and snapshots of your region, while driving traffic to your website and further establishing your credibility online.

Because the Pinterest user-base is still in its early stages, I suggest you avoid spending a huge amount of work time on the site. Instead, create a few strategic boards, and spend a small amount of time each day pinning content that potential clients will find interesting and helpful.

Here’s a few tips on how you can maximise your time and user engagement on Pinterest:

1. Share other people’s content.

Don’t just post photos of your own listings – post images you think your potential clients will be interested in. Chances are you already spend some time every day reading news, articles, or stories online – why not pin the images from the articles you find useful? Some examples of boards you could create:

  • ‘Beautiful properties’: Photos of homes that people will find beautiful or inspirational
  • ‘Maddington life’: A board showcasing photos of your own locality – whether those be pictures of local businesses, wildlife, food, or events.

(Tip: This is the perfect opportunity to take your own photos and upload them. Snapping photos with your mobile or point-and-shoot camera while you’re out and about is a great way to generate unique content that you can use on any of your social media channels, not just Pinterest.)

  • Celebrity houses’: A gossip board of sorts, on which you post images of properties high-profile individuals have put up for sale.

These are just a few examples. Be creative! Any board that focuses on sharing useful images and links is a good board.

2. Get repinned.

Any user can repin your content, which will then display to their own followers as “via Your Name”. Getting your content repinned exposes your content, and your name, to a whole new network. The best way to encourage others to repin you is simply to share great content. I have also found that liking, repinning, and following other users with similar interests to me often leads to more repins and likes from them. The moral: share other people’s content, and they’ll share yours!

3. Highlight your own content.

Post images of your own listings by pinning those images directly from your website. A non-invasive way to do this is to make a separate board just for your ‘Houses for sale’ – this way, users can choose to follow this board, but won’t be deterred from following your other boards if they’re not interested in buying a house. Remember the 80:20 rule: overall, you should be posting about 80% of other people’s content, and 20% your own. By posting a healthy mix of your own and other people’s content, you’ll avoid coming across as a marketing robot.

Posting beautiful and interesting content on Pinterest seems to be great way for people in real estate to connect with potential clients, drive people to the original source of the images (20% of the time, that’s their own website), and get their profile out there.

It’s easy to create an account at get pinning. With a few relevant, useful boards, you can easily promote your profile and website through a fun and rapidly growing platform!

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